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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Office Hours?
    Office Hours is a “TikTok” like sort-form video Q&A platform for Higher Education that connects students and teachers outside of the classroom through short video exchanges.
  • How does Office Hours work?
    Office Hours is a mobile app and designed to get your answers in three simple steps: 1) Select one, or several, professors and/or tutors 2) Record your question with short video selfie and send it off 3) Receive tailored answer made just for you
  • Why Short-Form Video?
    Email and chat are the primary methods of communication today, but video is quickly taking its place. Video much more efficient when it comes to communication, considering that 93% of communication is non-verbal, and you can speak times faster than you can type. Plus, video maintains the emotional and contextual aspects of communication, like tone, expression, pace, etc., that email and chat do not.
  • Why Office Hours?
    Office Hours is designed around simplicity to cut through the noise and bring the answers directly to you. We connect you directly with the teachers and students in your areas of study to creating Q&A sessions on the fly and right on your phone, removing the time-consuming back-and-forth of appointment scheduling and doesn't require additional video conferencing software.
  • When should I use Office Hours?
    Use Office Hours anytime. It's a great way to ask questions outside of class, say when one pops in your head while on a bike ride, or even if too shy to ask while in class. Office Hours give you a way to connect, engage, and participate in the learning process in a whole new way.
  • Which platforms are Office Hours supported and installed on?
    Office Hours is supported on iOS and Andriod and found by searching for ProMinute - Office Hours in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Can I install Office Hours on a desktop or is this exclusive to mobile apps?
    Office Hours is exclusive for mobile right now, but have a desktop version in the works. Stay tuned :)
  • Can I send supporting files (i.e. documents, pictures, etc.) via the ProMinute app?"
    Not at the moment, but this is another feature coming soon.
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